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$20 Mobile Plans - Global Liberty Starter Sim Plans


Plan inclusions:

Monthly included allowance for.. Included Included Value
Calls to any network $500
Data to use in Australia 1GB
Standard national Texts to any network Unlimited
Calls TeleChoice to TeleChoice Unlimited
International Calls Included
Voicemail retrieval Included
Standard national MMS N/A
International Texts N/A
When used within Australia.

Our rates

2 Min Standard National Call to Mobiles (inc Flagfall) $2.34
Standard national MMS and international Texts $0.55
1MB within Australia (excess usage) 15c per MB
Voicemail Retrieval (per 60 seconds or part) 97c + 40c
connection fee



Everything in life has limitations, but not this $20 TeleChoice plan. This plan is for those who like to talk, text and stay online all the time. For just $20, you get $500 monthly allowance with 1 GB data, spend your best value for international calling, unlimited standard SMS and TeleChoice to TeleChoice calls per month.

The other features of this plan include, standard national MMS @ $0.55 per MMS, standard national 60 second call is worth $0.97 and if you run out of your 1GB data, 1 MB excess usage data will cost you $0.15 only. This plan is unbelievable and best for those who are looking to get more for less.

All to standard Australian numbers (excluded use overseas).  Critical Information Summaries.

^TeleChoice Fair Use Policy – Important information for Unlimited Plans
Our unlimited plans are subject to our Fair Use Policy that entitles us to make changes to your service (including possible suspension or disconnection) if we reasonably consider that your use is for a commercial, fraudulent or illegal purpose or other use not permitted by us.

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