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$1000 of talk (incl international calls)

^Unlimited standard national calls from 7.00pm - 7.00am AEST ^Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS

Included Value
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$28 LIVE plan

Minimum total cost over 12 months is $336

$1000 of included value, unlimited^ calls 7pm – 7am and 4GB of data for only $28 per month. Sign up now!

$1000 of talk (incl international calls)

^Unlimited standard national calls from 7.00pm - 7.00am AEST ^Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS

Included Value! PLUS SOME PRETTY


  • 4GB
    Included Data
  • $1000 (Unlimited^ 7PM TO 7AM)
    Standard Calls
  • Unlimited^
    Standard SMS and MMS
  • Unlimited^ calls
    TeleChoice to TeleChoice

when used within australia


Included value can be used for

  • International Calls
  • International SMS
  • International MMS
  • Video MMS
  • Voicemail Retrieval
  • Calls to 13 Numbers
  • Calls to 18 Numbers
  • Call Forwarding
  • Directory Assistance

Critical Information Summary

Our Rates*

2 Min Standard National Call to Mobiles (inc Flagfall) $2.38
Standard national SMS $0.25
Standard national MMS $0.50
Excess data usage rate / Billed per 1GB block $10.00 per GB

* These rates apply to our LIVE plans only connected on or after 1 September 2015.


When used within Australia

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Minimum cost {pricing_matrix_on_plan_12_months limit='1'} $ {/pricing_matrix_on_plan_12_months} over 12 months is $336 for the $28 LIVE plan . ^Our Fair Use Policy applies to all UNLIMITED Plans and unlimited components of plans. Use which is not permitted by our Fair Use Policy is not included in your monthly call allowance or the relevant component of the plan. International Call rates depend on the country called. Visit for a list of available International Direct Dial rates. International call inclusions are provided for International Direct Dial calls made from within Australia and are subject to our Fair Use Policy. A 2 minute standard call is $2.38. Excess data usage will be charged in 1GB increment/blocks at $10 per GB. All MMS, Texts and data usage must be made from and to services within Australia. All charges quoted include GST. To obtain a copy of our Fair Use Policy and for full terms and conditions, just ask us or visit our website at *National TeleChoice Mobile to TeleChoice Mobile Calls: Mobile services connected to TeleChoice Plans may take up to 7 days to become eligible for the TeleChoice Mobile to TeleChoice Mobile Call offering – calls will be rated as standard calls until the service eligibility has been established. If you go over your Included Value Plan, TeleChoice will credit your account with the amount incurred for the TeleChoice Mobile to TeleChoice Mobile Calls that you have made. TeleChoice uses part of the Telstra 4G and 3G networks.