International roaming is only available for customers with an active TeleChoice post-paid mobile service and is available in some countries.

TeleChoice post-paid services’ SIM cards are barred from International Roaming at the time of activation. You must call us to activate this feature on your service prior to going overseas.

Our standard Roaming service (PAYG option) does not have data roaming available. You can only use the service for Calls and SMS.  We will provide spend control options to you when you call us to activate your international roaming.

Activating your service overseas will attract higher charges. There may be delays in receiving usage data alerts. Information on charges that applies is available here.

International roaming is only available in the approved list of partner countries as detailed in the international roaming pricing tables.  Here you will also find the list of the roaming providers you can connect to.

Roaming Providers make sure that you are connected to our preferred operators for a better roaming experience.

You can do this by putting your handset on auto network select. This will make the device choose the preferred operator.

If you are still unable to get a signal, you can try set your device to manual network select, then choose our roaming provider in the country you are in and try again.

You may also opt-in for our $49 7 Day Roaming packs for $49

7 Day International Roaming Packs are available in selected overseas countries. You may view these countries here:

Our 7 Day International Roaming Packs have a 7-day expiry. The pack includes data, SMS, and voice calls.

60 minutes included calls is for both incoming and outgoing calls. Once you have consumed your included call allowance, you will be charged excess PAYG if you continue to use your service.

100 included SMS is for SMS that you send. (receiving SMS while overseas is free). Once you have consumed your included call allowance, you will be charged excess PAYG if you continue to use your service

2GB (1024MB) data limit is for all data usage while overseas. Once you have consumed the data allowance, your data will stop working. You may top up your data by adding a $5 pack which gives you 250Mb.

You may opt-in to auto top-up your 7 Day Pack. If you are overseas for 14 days, then you may elect to auto top-up your 7 Day pack one more time (2 x 7 Day packs). You may request this when you speak with our customer service team.

If you wish to top up your 7 Day pack before the 7 days has expired, you may do this. Any balances remaining in your previous pack will be forfeited.

To check your balances while you are overseas, SMS the word Bal to 179 or log into your online account at

To cease international roaming services please call +61280692638, speak to us on Live Chat at or send us an email at

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