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Photo of: Samsung GALAXY Note 3


ANDROID Operating System 5.7 Inch Screen Size 13.0 Megapixel Camera


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Photo of: Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo

Galaxy Pocket Neo


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Photo of: HTC One (M8)

One (M8)


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Photo of: Samsung GALAXY Trend Plus

GALAXY Trend Plus


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Mobile Phone Plans, Broadband & More

TeleChoice is the Peoples’ Choice! We offer some of the best mobile phone plans, handsets, accessories, broadband and the latest internet and telecommunication products. We also offer affordable deals; our plans suit Lite, Regular and Heavy mobile users. With TeleChoice, you can find a deal that will suit you the most (whether you are an occasional user or like to use Facebook all day!). Our mobile network is faster and better as we provide data speeds that are five times faster than before. Our plans start from as cheap as $12.50 for those who are looking to pay less but talk more. We have a variety of flexible plans if you are looking for a particular service (more data or more talk time). We also offer the latest mobile phone models that you can buy outright or with a plan that can last 24 months. Our collection of mobile phones includes brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Nokia.

Over 3 Million Satisfied Customers

With over 3 million mobile phone plans subscribers, 20 years of technical knowledge and expertise and a passion for technology, TeleChoice is Australia's favourite telecommunication company. Our customers love all our plans and we are known for our new and improved network connectivity. We also provide you with an excellent online mobile comparison system. This allows you to compare significant features of each model to help you determine which is the right one for you. Along with the amazing tools, our flexible contract options allow you to find the right plans to suit your lifestyle at present time. Don’t be stuck in over-priced phone contracts any more. There’s a reason that TeleChoice is the people’s choice, Not a TeleChoice customer? Don’t miss out on our great value plans, sign up today!

Mobile Phone Plans, Accessories, Broadband & More